About Us




STEAM Girl Nation (SGN) is a fashion and education movement, showcasing the intersection of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) and Art (STEAM)! 





STEAM Girl Nation (SGN) was born out of 3 desires:


  1. To see the worlds of STEM and the Arts collide more than separate.
  2. To provide custom designed products that empower the current community of women in STEAM
  3. To educate and encourage more females into STEAM professions and "STEAMpreneurship".


Unique position: We are avid environmental engineers and believe in the responsible sourcing of material for our products. For this reason, we use recycled items to create our products such as paper, cardboard, electronic circuit boards and components, pre-owned or liquidated textiles, salvaged building materials, etc. We also use and are developing some of our own lines of eco-friendly paints and adhesives for our mixed media eco art creations. 


Goals in progress:

1) Annual STEM + Art Expo showcasing STEAMpreneurs, makers, non-profits and small businesses with STEM inspired products. 

2) (To be purchased and renovated)

Maker space for the Mauldin, Simpsonville,  Fountain Inn community. The maker space will feature a shared workshop and shared tools for members, community classes and DIY project studio, retail store and resident makers whose creations will be available for purchase in the retail store. 

3) STEM Scouts Sponsored Lab

4) Upstate Robotics Workshop 


If you are interested in learning more and becoming a partner, visit our Partnership Page