Angelica & the SGN Story

Angelica M Whitley PhotoHi There! I'm Angelica M. Whitley!

I started STEAM Girl Nation for "unconventional" girls and women like me! I've been directly and indirectly told my whole life to "just pick one", that "certain" combinations just don't make any sense and that I would be a failure if I tried be all of this. I bought those lies for a very long time, but I got a refund and STEAM Girl Nation was born! 

My specific unconventional looks something like this: I'm a total Jesus girl & Theology Nerd, a Scientist, an Engineer, a Literature and Word Nerd and an Artist (Visual, Performing, and Functional). Talk about not fitting in anywhere, so it stands to reason that my style is a equally eclectic mixed bag right?! If you're here, I bet you can relate or you know someone who can. If it's you, Welcome to the tribe! If it's someone you know, tell them about us would ya!

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